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Books and videos by Robert Gonzales

The Spirituality of NonViolent Communication
- A course in Living Compassion
by Robert Gonzales

To celebrate Robert's life and honor his outstanding work, some dedicated friends took on the task, to fulfill one of Robert's life dreams of publishing his teachings in book form to provide access and support for an even wider community. Published a year after his death : November 19, 2022.


It is with pure delight we announce the publication of the first book in a series: The Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication — A Course in Living Compassion.

From an Amazon Customer: 

"I enjoyed this book tremendously. I have been practicing NVC for several years and I have found in this book what I did not find in other works. It is the perfect companion for an inner journey towards healing, better self-knowledge and self-acceptance and mostly self-compassion. It is a must if you use NVC as a tool for inner peace."


Reflections on Living Compassion  
-by Robert Gonzales

"I offer this book of reflections with the intention that it be received as a meditation, an inquiry practice, or a prayer. The words point to the inner territory of our being and are an invitation to explore our own internal experience." Robert Gonzales


This book, created over years of sharing and teaching workshops, individual sessions, and retreats, leads the reader into unsuspected depths. It is a guide for exploring dimensions of wholeness and healing; an invitation to approach our experience in a radically different way. We enter into our difficult experiences to reveal the fullness and beauty in all experience.

In the words of one workshop participant, "Although I have a number of books out of which I could quote insights, I feel the impulse to speak out of my heart. I want to celebrate your decision to share the insights you are acknowledging along your path in such a way that they reach deep rooms in me; I joyfully open up to the architect in you who places windows and doors in rooms where the light had not found its way in so far. I am thankful to have met you along my path.” 

Paperback version is $10.00 plus shipping.

For shipping within the United States the charge is $6.50 and outside the US it's $16.85 USD. (If ordering more than 3 copies, note that additional shipping charges will apply.)  A physical copy of Reflections on Living Compassion may be ordered by emailing us through the contact page on this site.  

You may also get a ePub, Kindle or PDF version of the book for $7.99 by visiting this site:

The Embodied Spirituality of NVC
DVD Set 

“The Embodied Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication” is a three-disc set recorded from a series of trainings Robert offered in Hawaii in 2006 and 2007 on the islands of Maui and Kauai. 

The primary focus of this material is on the inner development and transformation of consciousness from which we enter into communication and relationships. In these DVDs, you will view:

  • Robert discussing the inner and spiritual foundations of NVC. 

  • Robert facilitating workshop participants through transformational and healing processes.

  • Question and answer sessions with workshop participants.

  • Discussion and experiential processes that support a consciousness of the “Beauty of Needs”.

Viewing suggestions:

  • For practice groups – practice and sharing. 

  • For individual learning and integration. 

  • For reviewing and deepening the consciousness inherent in living NVC. 


Total running time is approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. The first two chapters and the last two chapters from DISC one are repeated on DISCs two and three. The DISCs were created this way so that each DISC could be used independently in classes, practice groups and for individual use. The amount of unduplicated material in the series is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes.


The downloadable version of this set is going to be on the NVC Academy website.  The link will be posted here once it is available.  

Please contact us through the contct us page if interested in the physical 3 DVD Set. 

“Petals of Living Compassion” is a set of 30 3" x 3" cards with daily reflections by Robert Gonzales. The cards are in a cellophane wrapper, are available for $15 plus shipping.


There are a few of these decks left. They can be purchased by contacting us through this website. 


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