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Living Compassion

We are currently working to update this site. Please check back as new information will be added.  Thank you. 

Living Compassion: 

Robert Gonzales' deep inquiry in life has led to the development of practical pathways of living in the fullness and flow of life as a daily spiritual practice—what is called Living Compassion. "Spirituality is the life in me and the life in you." 

​Living Compassion is my relationship to life energy and is offered to me and through me, to the totality of life.  This happens through all the forms of relationship. The beauty and possibility of the practice of self compassion is that we can turn around everything we have learned, including about pain and suffering, and meet each expression of life with an open heart.    


Living Compassion trainings and retreats offer processes and inner maps that support transformation in areas of inner experience that were previously inaccessible.  They are being offered worldwide.  Please visit our Courses in Living Compassion page for details.  

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What this Work is About

A Course in Living Compassion

Robert Gonzales Recorded Event

A key to developing the capacity for inner awareness is the ability
to differentiate felt energy in the body from thought, stories or
interpretations. This ability to differentiate brings a more open, free
inner space so we can more readily feel our authentic experience.

~ Robert Gonzales, founder of the Center for Living Compassion

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