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Living Compassion 
with Robert Gonzales

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Robert's Purpose for offering Living Compassion in an Ever-changing World:

As my exploration of Nonviolent Communication and spirituality deepened over the years, what has emerged in me is a clarity about ways to cultivate a daily practice of living compassion — day to day, moment by moment-- with ourselves and in relationships with others. It is a practice of compassionately embracing all of life. My deep inquiry in life has led me to develop practical pathways of living in the fullness and flow of life as a daily spiritual practice — what I call Living Compassion.

The primary focus is to support the development of the consciousness of our Life Force, which manifests as the energy and beauty inherent in our needs and values. The deepening work that we will focus on is to establish a clear pathway to identifying, experiencing and cultivating this consciousness.

As we grow in our healing restoring the wholeness, we are more present to ourselves and to others. Presence is the foundation of Living Compassion, and the essential element in compassionately connecting in the space of mutuality.

You can discover not only a new way of thinking but a radically different way of being. Living Compassion practices will help you move forward individually and collectively from a center of love and compassion in the unprecedented times of social and cultural turmoil.

Through Living Compassion you will discover inner maps that support transformation of your inner experience in ways that were previously inaccessible. The practices of self-compassion or Living Compassion, as I call it, can help you to turn around everything that you've learned about how you meet the life in you known as "pain and suffering."
Especially in these unprecedented times of social and cultural turmoil, the practical pathways that I will share in this program will help you to establish a reliable daily spiritual practice of living in the fullness and flow of life.


Rather than suffer helplessly or live at the whims of what's happening in the world, we will discover the perennial strength in compassion and the living energy in nonviolence as we journey from upheaval and chaos to transformation and potency. 

My vision is to create a Worldwide Field of Compassion -- a space where we strengthen, support, and inspire each other, as well as bring a loving and caring energy into a field of Living Compassion within our community and around the world. Combining three key elements into each of the 12 segments throughout the year, this program is designed for those with an intermediate-to-advanced background and experience with Nonviolent Communication and/or Living Compassion.
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In the words of others who have participated in Robert's programs:

"It was truly a life-changing experience and for me. It was a total makeover. I've found each time like I am touching the real-life deeply within as if this is the first time I ever have found in my lifetime. I learned living NVC and living compassion is truly my life practice essential to be peace-being in the way I really wanted to live in this life."

~ Junko Hattori - Japan


"It brought me a very practical way to be aware of being in the flow of compassion or blocked and guided me to stay in my heart more holding what is precious."

~ Kathleen Dyer - United States
"It was really great, I got connected with so many people from all over the world, and most importantly, I finally let myself be alive. Now I feel the flow of life, which also may have improved the physical side of my health. Now I am considering how I can pass on this knowledge or practice it to myself and others so that I can pass on the flow of life, which has made me so alive."

~ Megumi Hirokawa - Japan
"Robert's approach is a valid way of giving Nonviolent Communication meaning in my life and a wonderful time to practice the concepts of NVC. I look forward to more opportunities like this one."
~ Maria Teresa Martinez - United States

"Robert has a way of sharing that is powerful and simple."

~ Mitch Miyagawa - Canada

"I have shared with many colleagues and friends how important Robert’s work/practice is to me and how much more ease I feel in finding my center,  when life events pull me in all directions."
~ Amy Fabrikant - United States

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In Robert's words:

"Many years ago, when I entered into my adult life I immediately entered into a spiritual and life quest that took the forms of spiritual practice and studying psychology and communication. My quest has been an integration of those two. Each has its own richness, but for me, it’s incomplete unless I am integrating. The spiritual traditions and mystical traditions have a profound richness and absolutely necessary sort of consciousness that’s available; and yet unless I’m able to live this in my relationships with language in the space of mutuality -- particularly when there is disconnection -- then that unity consciousness isn’t necessarily helpful to me in those moments. It can be but unless I can transpose it into a living language where I can empathize with somebody who is in a difficult situation… that integration for me has been really essential."
~ Robert Gonzales
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