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LIFE Program
In-person Learning

Living and Integrating Full Embodiment - LIFE
The LIFE Program is a 2-year intensive program with four week-long, in-person retreats focused on the two-fold path of Living in Passion and Restoring our Wholeness through Compassion. With a firm foundation in the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), each of the four retreats will introduce practices and processes that serve this integration and development, moving from inner work to application in relationship and community.
Why Participate in this Program?
For most of us, lasting & deep change takes time and lots of support! The LIFE Program is designed to help you go deep and embody this work each and every day. Gathering and practicing with a caring community over a 2-year period creates a safe and powerful container for inner work, healing, and growth.
There is a deepening and integration that happens as you have the space and time to revisit the material on a regular basis, to discover where application flows easily and where more care and attention is needed.

Teachings include practices and processes on: 
  • Self-compassion
  • Cultivating Fullness
  • Transforming Core Beliefs
  • Choosing Life -- the Illusion of Conflicting Needs
  • Preparing for and Engaging in Authentic Dialogue with another
  • Healing Dialogues
  • Transforming Protective Structures
  • Cultivating Presence and Authenticity
Retreats include:
  • Guided meditations
  • Daily teachings/offerings
  • Demonstrations with participants
  • Work in pairs, small groups, and in the whole group
  • Time for sharing, and questions & answers
  • Silent integration time
  • Body movement
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