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Thu, May 02



Living Compassion - 10 week course online with Nadine Helm

Robert Gonzales, Trainer for NVC (CNVC), has dedicated his life to living compassion. In his approach to NVC he emphasizes connection to the living, vibrant energy that needs carry as a doorway into our soul. Our practice lies in cultivating a felt sense experience of their energy inside of us. I ha

Living Compassion - 10 week course online with Nadine Helm
Living Compassion - 10 week course online with Nadine Helm

Time & Location

May 02, 2024, 10:00 AM GMT+2 – Jul 05, 2024, 1:00 AM GMT+2


About the event

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What will we do in this course?

During  this course I would like to introduce you to the living energy of needs  and help you develop concrete skills to transform obstacles to  embracing life compassionately and connect with the beauty and fullness  of needs by sharing:

  • exercises to allow a felt experience of the fullness of needs vs. the lack;
  • concrete NVC based processes (e.g. Transforming the Pain of unmet  Needs to the Beauty of Needs; Preparation for authentic dialogue) to add  to your tool box for life
  • as well as contemplative practices like meditation and inquiries  (alone and in pairs) that engage the heart and the felt sense of the  body and can be used and established as an ongoing meditation practice  in your life in order to live needs-based
  • time to get in touch with yourself as well as community time are an essential part of this course

I  will mix in my own inspirations that I receive from mindfulness and  yoga, neuroscientific approaches like Rick Hanson’s work, work with  beliefs from Byron Katie’s approach, IFS and inspiration I receive from  my NVC colleagues and friends and life itself.

Please have 60hrs of prior NVC experience so we can dive and deepen together.

I would enjoy if you want to join me in this exploration.


You  will be invited to work on examples from your own life in an  interactive and safe learning environment. We will practice Living  Compassion through demonstrations, role-play and exercises in order to  integrate underlying values more into our daily lives.

 Extra support 

Assistants:  We will have 1-5 assistants accompanying us during this course. They’ve  already completed the NVC Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Year  Courses with us and are engaged in their steps toward teaching/sharing  NVC. For this course, they have done Living Compassion work either with me or Robert Gonzales or both.

All further information, contact and registration on:

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