There is a basic life current or impulse resonating in and through us as a yearning of the heart, this current and yearning manifests as human needs.





Greetings to everyone looking to learn with Robert Gonzales and the Center for Living Compassion. Robert passed away on November 21, 2021. We mourn his passing even as we seek ways to continue his legacy,


There are people, students of Robert's, who are continuing his work world-wide. The Center, itself, is looking for new avenues for sharing his work and the library of his teachings.

There are some resources availiable on this site including Robert's Reflections on Living Compassion.

Robert pioneered the LIFE program and traveled the world to offer these two-year workshops. You can see more of what he saw in this program here 

Robert was teaching a year-long Immersion program online, a version of the LIFE program, completing all but two segments, before his hospitalization. His assistants completed the remaining two classes and offered a continuation of this program from March to July 2022.

Learning from and with Robert Gonzales continues You can write to us at to let us know of your continuing interest or to ask questions.

Because medical expenses for Robert in the final months were paid out-of-pocket and not covered by insurance, donations to the Center for Living Compassion will help the efforts to continue his legacy.