There is a basic life current or impulse resonating in and through us as a yearning of the heart, this current and yearning manifests as human needs.





Greetings to everyone looking to learn with Robert Gonzales and the Center for Living Compassion. Robert passed away on November 21, 2021. We mourn his passing even as we seek ways to continue his legacy,

Though Robert is no longer in his physical form, he left us with a body of work that contains the heart, energy, and the richness of his teachings. These teachings continue to heal and transform lives.

Those of us that were close to Robert and worked intimately with him in the last few years of his life are regularly gathering to explore and create avenues for his work to continue to be available and accessed by all those who wish to gain from it.

We look forward to being able to offer what Robert brought forth in ways to meet a variety of needs and desires. Please know we are lovingly and consciously attending to this and will be sending out information as it becomes available.
Thank you for your interest in Roberts legacy of Living Compassion. We look forward to sharing more with you as it becomes available.


Ruth Joy (Robert’s wife) and the Living Compassion team.

Back to Basics with Robert Gonzales:

One opportunity to learn from Robert's work comes from four of his assistants in recent courses and begins in September 2022

Many years ago, Robert produced a DVD set: "Embodied Spirituality".  Robert’s assistants Rhonda, Filipa & Howard are teaming up again to offer the opportunity to review these DVDs - to go back to Robert's basics and practice together.  These talks represent a fresh glimpse of a period when Robert was newly exploring his interface with the essence of Nonviolent Communication and his awareness of the deep spirituality that underlies this work.

The program is offered to anyone with a basic knowledge of NVC and an interest in Robert's work.

There are 8 sessions (3- 5 pm East Coast time) (Find Your Timezone)

September 25: Robert on Nonviolent Communication
October 9 and October 23: The Living Energy of Needs
November 6 and November 20:  Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of Needs
December 4 and December 18:  Transforming Core Jackal Beliefs
January 8: Harvesting and Where We Go To From Here

The cost is $250 which includes shipping and handling of the DVD set.  10 percent of the proceeds will be going to Ruth Joy.

You can sign up here. Please share news of this ofering with NVC friends.

In gratitude,
Rhonda Freeman, Filipa Hope, Howard Evans and Jeff Haberer __________________________________________________

Learning from and with Robert Gonzales continues You can write to us at to let us know of your continuing interest or to ask questions.                                                          

Because medical expenses for Robert in the final months were paid out-of-pocket and not covered by insurance, donations to the Center for Living Compassion will help the efforts to continue his legacy.