"When I empathize with another, I do it because I want to be liberated. If I connect with their needs, I'll be liberated from my habitual reactivity. My liberation is linked to my ability to meet another in that space, the place where 'we' are."






2015 — 2016

Living and Integrating Full Embodiment

APPLICATIONS DUE by 15 September, 2014

The Life Programme is a two-year, experience-rich programme with four 7-day residential retreats and between-retreat teleconferences, individual sessions, and pair/small group practice.

Building a strong inner foundation is the basis for applying the NVC process in our lives. Without this, it is easy to practice NVC as a mechanical or rote process, or to get stuck in reactive ways of being. Key to developing a foundational consciousness is the ability to transform our life-alienating habitual patterns to a life-serving, authentic fullness of being.

This Programme explores how we can embody and live from this consciousness every day, moment-to-moment.

Processes/tools will be shared that focus on:

The curriculum will follow a developmental sequence going from inner work to application in relationships and the work we do in the world.

The dates of the 4 retreats are:

  • Friday 20 to Friday 27 March 2015 
  • Friday 23 to Friday 30 October 2015
  • Friday 11 to Friday 18 March 2016 
  • Friday 21 to Friday 28 October 2016

All of the retreats will be held at:

Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat
412 Main Creek Road
Cougal NSW 2474


To learn more, request an application, or speak to someone directly in Australia or New Zealand write to Maura at maura@living-compassion.org

Click on this link for the LIFE ProgramCurriculum.